Pay tables are important in video poker.

Gambling and losing almost occur simultaneously. Some games have a higher house edge, others lower, but the truth is the player will be a loser in the long run. Choose the lesser evil games with a lower house edge. Video poker is less devilish, and when you know how to play correctly, the game can turn to be a friend from foe. There are dozens of variants of video poker scattered on online casino websites. These variants were introduced to make the game more alluring. Compared to other casino games, video poker is comparatively new, though it has spent fifty years in virtual casinos.

Many variants 

Every variety of video poker is different. The basic gameplay remains the same but with a distinctive paytable and return percentage. Among many styles, it is daunting to pick a variant that provides the best return, coupled with good pay tables. There are two steps; first, to find a casino website such as joker123, which offers the best video poker variant. Secondly, you must learn the rules of the game and how to play it, termed strategy. There are two major types of video poker available in virtual casinos. These are not the absolute best game available, but the most popular variants and easy to play. 

Jacks is the best

Playing video poker is not rocket science; anyone can sit down and start playing it. But until you master the game, you would be at the mercy of luck, with few occasional wins. You can try to learn more than one video poker variants, but it would not be a smart way. It takes less effort and time to know everything about a style of video poker, including payables and strategies. Deuces Wild and Jacks are the two most popular variations. Both are commonly available with handbook strategies, and both offer high return pay tables. Between the two, Jacks or Better is easy to play, and strategies are simple. Log on to to play Jacks or Deuces Wild as they provide more than these two styles of video poker. 

Every variation of video poker has its unique player percentage, coupled with different pay tables. A style with a low base return with a good paytable is better than a variant with a higher base return with an unfavorable paytable. It can be overwhelming, but the crux is pay tables are important. Jacks is the only available video poker variant that pays four thousand coins for a straight flush, forty-five for a full house, and thirty for a flush.